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Will FDA's new transport rule cost you freight?


The Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol can help

Effective April 6, 2017, many shippers, receivers and motor carriers must comply with new Food and Drug Administration rules designed to ensure the sanitary transportation of food through various actions involving equipment management, operations, record keeping and training. The rule covers foods that require temperature control or foods not fully enclosed by a container.

Many shippers and receivers – as well as their broker agents – are already beginning to notify their carrier partners that they will need to comply with the FSMA rules in April. 

So motor carriers – regardless of size – will need to comply with FSMA requirements to haul perishable food for major shippers and their brokers.

How we can help

The Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol (UFSTP) offers carriers of all sizes a clear, straightforward way to show shippers, brokers and warehousing firms that you comply with the regulations. If your company complies with the benchmark delegable compliance standards expected by shippers and brokers, the UFSTP can get the word out.

The UFSTP website, which is managed by compliance support firm TransComply, will maintain a list of UFSTP-subscribing carriers, notifying shippers and brokers that those carriers guarantee that they:

  • Are properly licensed, authorized and insured by the FMCSA to transport shipments;

  • Operate sanitary equipment suitable for the transportation of perishable commodities and foodstuffs; and

  • Are knowledgeable and compliant with applicable federal and state health and safety laws and regulations governing the transportation of such commodities.

Participating in the UFSTP will help carriers survive the shipper and broker vetting process and simplify compliance by setting uniform standards.


It is important to read the text of the UFSTP before applying as your company will be expected to adhere to its terms. 


For more information, check out our FAQs or contact us.

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TransComply provides UFSTP for carriers

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