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TransComply's Basic plan provides the essential services that new carriers must have in order to obtain active operating authority.

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Why TransComply?

Three decades of experience in helping carriers and brokers with compliance and a deep understanding of the industry. Whether it's just basic services or tools for working with shippers, brokers and others, we can help.

New authority     


Basic subscriptions include:

  • Assistance in completing forms for FMCSA operating authority application(s)

  • BOC-3 ($150 annual fee - first year included in your subscription). You get access to qualified, practicing transportation attorneys who not only satisfy your obligation to maintain service of process agents in every state (49 C.F.R. §366) but also can provide legal assistance if you need it. (For more about our premium agents service, click here.)

  • Assistance obtaining required insurance coverage (49 C.F.R. §387)


Completing an application for new authority is a tedious and frustrating task that becomes much easier if you use professionals like those at TransComply who truly understand the regulations and can steer you away from errors that could lead to delays in getting your authority or problems down the road when FMCSA expects you to comply with regulations you shouldn't have to worry about.


Need more help? Our New Entrant package offers important tools that ensure your new operation gets off to a successful start. Combine the Basic and New Entrant packages for just $625. That's like getting the New Entrant subscription for just $200 -- a 60% discount.

Just need process agents? Through our parent company, Service of Process Agents, Inc., we offer our Process Agents+ package for just $150 a year. You get a nationwide network of qualified transportation attorneys.


Only $425 

(does not include $300 FMCSA filing fee for operating authority)



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