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As of December 12, 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration now requires all applicants for operating authority and new USDOT numbers to apply online through the new Unified Registration System. The system combines forms that used to be separate, and you have no option but to file online.
FMCSA's registration process can be frustrating and confusing. The agency expects you to understand the fine points of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). Misunderstanding the regulations or what FMCSA is asking can delay your application or worse. You could find yourself in trouble down the road when what you have told FMCSA in your application doesn't match your actual operation. Or maybe you just don't like completing extensive online applications.
That's where TransComply can help.
We understand the FMCSRs in depth and have more than three decades experience helping new carriers comply with the regulations. And we understand trucking. We know what to ask you to answer FMCSA's questions correctly and get you the right authority as quickly as possible.
What's more, we can help you get everything you need to get your authority. In addition to completing your application easily and correctly, if you will be a for-hire carrier -- meaning you will haul freight for a living -- you will need to designate agents for service of process in each state and file evidence of financial responsibility, or insurance.
It's critical that you choose a quality process agent service. When you applied for your authority, FMCSA notified you that your process agent is your official representative for receiving important notices from FMCSA.  Without a dependable proccess agent service you could face out-of-service orders or default court judgments.

Service of Process Agents, Inc. (SPA), which is TransComply's parent company, continually ensures that its agents are still in business. You might be surprised that this isn't always the case.


Plus, our process agent service offers more than just compliance with FMCSA requirements. You get access to qualified transportation attorneys who can help you resolve legal issues that arise from the documents served on you or with other legal matters. It's basically a built-in attorney referral service throughout the nation.


TransComply's Basic plan includes the filing of your authority and setting up of a process agent service through SPA. We can even help you identify insurance options if you need it.


Need more than just your authority? Combine our Basic and New Entrant packages to get a wide range of startup support, including help with your new entrant safety audit.To see which subscription is best for you, check out our side-by-side comparsion of benefits. Then buy the plan you want in our store or contact us at 800-323-8922 or

Why TransComply?

Three decades of experience in helping carriers and brokers with compliance and a deep understanding of the industry. Whether it's just basic services or tools for working with shippers, brokers and others, we can help.

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