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All authorized for-hire motor carriers must file a BOC-3 -- a list of agents for service of process in each state in order to get and maintain active operating authority (49 CFR §366). Agents receive and forward all lawsuits, evidence of fines, citations, tax assessments, and all FMCSA out-of-service orders. TransComply's parent company, Service of Process Agents, Inc., (SPA) has provided this service for more then 30 years.

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Qualified transportation attorneys

Unlike its competitors, Service of Process Agents, Inc. provides qualified, practicing transportation lawyers to act as agents in each state. In addition to complying with federal regulations, you get a nationwide referral network of qualified lawyers and experts that can help you with federal and state regulatory compliance, employment, safety and other issues. Most other services rely on agents in many states that do nothing more than receive and forward legal documents. It's then up to you to track down someone who can help you resolve the matter. Not with SPA.


And unlike many one-time-payment services, SPA also continually monitors agents' status as an active entity. That means you can be assured that when documents are served on you they will be handled correctly and promptly. You can't afford to choose a lesser service; the risk of default judgments and out-of-service orders is too great.


Need more? 

TransComply offers a full suite of services to help motor carriers navigate not just compliance but also business challenges.

  • Compliance/New Entrant – Helps your company become compliant from the beginning and survive the critical new entrant safety audit.

  • Business/Claims Issues – Helps avoid serious problems related to contracts, cargo claims, collections, customer bankruptcies and other major pitfalls in your customer relationships.

  • Website – Offers the credibility of a web presence, including important service terms and conditions that can help you avoid potentially disastrous conflicts with customers.

  • Premium – Combine any two of our solutions – Compliance/New Entrant, Business/Claims Issues and Website – for a 20% discounted off the price if purchased separately.

  • The Works – Get everything in our Compliance/New Entrant, Business/Claims Issues and Website packages for the price of two purchased separately.

Only $150 per year

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