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Business/Claims Issues


Trucking companies that worry regulatory compliance often do nothing to prevent what can be a faster and more devastating path to business failure. Carrier owners who pay little attention to the contracts they sign may wind up losing not only their businesses but sometimes even their personal assets.

TransComply's Business/Claims Issues package helps motor carriers and intermediaries can steer clear of potentially catastrophic pitfalls in contracts, cargo claims and other day-to-day business relationships. You think it's just common sense? Well, did you know that:

  • 16 common provisions in shipper- and broker-drafted contracts could hurt your business financially or even put your very survival at risk?

  •  A customer bankruptcy might cost you not only accounts receivable but also money you have already received?

  • You have options if a broker does not pay your legitimate freight charges?

  • Your bodily injury/property damage policy might not cover your entire operation?

  • Language found in some factoring agreements can place serious restrictions on your company and can even affect owners personally?

  • Owner-operator lease agreements can have implications for your company with FMCSA, the IRS, insurance policies and state agencies? 

Don't take chances. Get our Business/Claims Issues package today.

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Why TransComply?

Three decades of experience in helping carriers and brokers with compliance and a deep understanding of the industry. Whether it's just basic services or tools for working with shippers, brokers and others, we can help.

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Our Business/Claims Issues plan includes:
  • Copy of Rules of the Road: A Practical Guide to Legal Issues in Truck Transportation and future editions while a package subscriber. (For more about Rules of the Road, click here.)

  • ​Templates for carrier-shipper and carrier-broker contracts and service terms and conditions

  • As-needed consultation on insurance, cargo claims, and collections issues

  • Sample independent contractor agreement

  • Quarterly invitation-only webinars on business/claims topics

  • Annual updates on issues addressed in Rules of the Road​​

  • Monthly regulatory update​s


Need more? 

TransComply offers a full suite of services to help motor carriers navigate not just compliance but also business challenges.

  • Compliance/New Entrant – Helps your company become compliant from the beginning and survive the critical new entrant safety audit.

  • Website – Offers the credibility of a web presence, including important service terms and conditions that can help you avoid potentially disastrous conflicts with customers.

  • Premium – Combine any two of our solutions – Compliance/New Entrant, Business/Claims Issues and Website – for 20% off the price of two plans purchased separately.

  • The Works – Get everything in our Compliance/New Entrant, Business/Claims Issues and Website packages for the price of two purchased separately.

$349 per year

TransComply solutions
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