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  • Henry Seaton

FHWA proposes to redefine 'automobile transporter'

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is requesting comments until October 16 on a proposed revision of the definition of an automobile transporter. Typically defined as specialized equipment designed and used for the transport of cars, automobile transporters under existing guidance must be able to carry cars as cargo on the truck tractor itself. FHWA is asking for comments on the potential inclusion of a non-cargo-carrying, tractor-high mount trailer combination as part of the definition of an automobile transporter. Expanding the definition would eliminate standard length restrictions for this class of carriers so they can transport additional vehicles.

For the Federal Register notice, visit

Avoid legal pitfalls

Rules of the Road offers practical help on avoiding legal pitfalls in working with customers, independent contractors, insurers, factoring companies, etc.

Many serious legal risks will go unnoticed unless you are watching for them. Don't take chances.

 Although successful food haulers already employ the common sense steps required in FDA's new transportation rule, declaring your compliance can help you stay competitive for spot-market freight. 

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