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The Works

Need compliance as a new entrant and help avoiding major contract and cargo claims problems and a website to establish your credibility? TransComply's The Works plan offers all three TransComply solutions for the price of two packages -- plus access to online tools not available in any of the individual plans or even the Premium bundle.

Dry Van

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Our The Works plan includes:
  • Everything offered in TransComply's three solutions:

    • Compliance/New Entrant - Helps your company become compliant from the beginning and survive the critical new entrant safety audit.

    • Business/Claims Issues – Helps avoid serious problems related to contracts, cargo claims, collections, customer bankruptcies and other major pitfalls in your customer relationships.

    • Website – Offers the credibility of a web presence, including important service terms and conditions that can help you avoid potentially disastrous conflicts with customers.

Plus: You get:

  • As-needed consultation on FMCSA compliance, cargo claims, collections, insurance and more.

  • Members-only online access to all the tools provided in the three individual TransComply packages, including an archive of past webinars, a searchable version of Rules of the Road and other resources.

$698 per year

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