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  • Henry Seaton

Broad coalition asks DOT to withdraw SFD rulemaking

In a February 15 letter, a coalition of numerous organizations representing large and small motor carriers of various types called on Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to withdraw the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s January 2016 proposed rule regarding safety fitness determinations (SFDs).

“Our major concern with the proposal is that the new proposed methodology utilizes flawed Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) program/Safety Measurement System (SMS) data and scores, which Congress directed the agency to review and reform” in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Systems Act, the groups said.

The letter notes that the National Academy of Sciences’ final report on CSA/SMS reform is due in June. Given that, “we do not believe it makes sense to build a new safety fitness determination system upon a flawed system which is currently undergoing Congressionally mandated review and reform and is likely to change,” the letter states. “While we support the goal of an easily understandable, rational safety fitness determination system, this proposal is built on a flawed foundation.”

The letter to Chao follows an FMCSA announcement in the waning days of the Obama administration that it would conduct an SNPRM.

For a copy of the letter to Chao, click here.

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