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  • Henry Seaton

FMCSA proposes reduction in UCR fees

FMCSA has proposed to reduce the annual registration fees collected under the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Plan and Agreement for registration years 2018, 2019 and subsequent years. For the 2018 registration year, the fees would be reduced by about 9.1% to ensure that fee revenues do not exceed the statutory maximum and to account for the excess funds held in the depository. The proposed cut translates into a reduction of $7 for the smallest entities to more than $6,700 for carriers with more than 1,000 trucks.

For the 2019 registration year, fees would rise slightly over 2018 but would remain about 4.55% below current levels to ensure the fee revenues in that and future years do not exceed the statutory maximum. This adjustment would translate to fees that are $3 to nearly $3,400 below current levels.

Comments were due October 2. For the Federal Register notice, visit

Avoid legal pitfalls

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